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Certainly the Icon for Antique & Almost, the Little Green Truck is the beacon that stops the crowds at every estate sale.  Parked in a prominent location, it is better advertisement than any ad we could buy.  Ellis answers all questions regarding his little truck and always smiles and declines when asked to sell it.  Details:  It is a 1949 Ford F1; its smooth ride is thanks to a 1980 Thunderbird Chassis and it has all the amenities (AC, Stereo, Heater, etc)......and the color, it is Dr. Pepper Green!  Ellis loves his Little Green Truck and calls it his “Work Truck”.  When it isn’t “working” for Antique & Almost, you might sport it around town without its’ signs.  The only reason it will never be at a sale is Rain or Snow!  It’s Golden Oak bed can’t handle inclement weather!

A sale would not happen if it weren’t for my long suffering, hardworking and whistling husband, Ellis.  For the past 14 years (12 of which he has been married to me!)  he has toiled relentlessly, tidying up garages, organizing and researching tools, hauling trash (and admonishing us every time for loading the bags with too much stuff!) Making runs to Salvation Army and Thrift House, Bringing our lunch and being our #1 All around good guy!  Ellis started collecting antiques before he was 10 years old when doting grandparents would gift him with photographs and historical family items.  A retired captain for American Airlines, he is often asked if he misses flying, and his reply is quick, “No,  I just miss the paycheck!”   
Helen Cartee is a fixture for Antique & Almost.  She has worked with me over 15 years and is always there when needed.  Helen is married to Dale Cartee, retired Trust Officer of First Financial Bank & Trust, and they have two children and four almost adult grandchildren! Helen retired from teaching school and started work at another antique shop.  She left there to come to work with Rita and I because we had air conditioning!  (no kidding!)  She has been my bookkeeper for many years and is diligent about the details associated with my consignors.  At estate sales, she gets put in charge of jewelry and the expensive small things that must be guarded. She is a treasure to have on my staff!

Yes, those are palm trees in this profile photo!  Vernon works hard and saves his money to feed his passion of taking cruises to exotic islands.  We don’t schedule any sales, either, when he is gone, because we probably could not pull one off without his capable help.  His real job is in the Pharmacy Department at Walmart, but he is THE AMBASSADOR for Antique & Almost.  Everyone knows and loves Vernon.  Efficiency is his middle name, and he is my best helper in display, a crucial part of the success of a sale.  He finishes his day at Walmart and heads to the current sale, where the two of us may work until 11 p.m., but together, we make magic!  Ellis and I are proud to be considered as Vernon’s surrogate family along with his real family, a sister, neice, nephew and brother in law in the Metroplex!  Everyone on the staff loves Vernon!  (Partly because. on sale day,  he shows up with Doughnuts and Apple Fritters from A & M Donuts for everyone!)  
Charlotte Passel has worked with me for 10 years as a tireless employee. The daughter of Charles and Alda Passel,she will, if prodded, talk about her famous father who, with Admiral Perry at the South Pole, where he developed the initial formula for defining Wind Chill. Charlotte is a graduate of St Mary's Hall in San Antonio and, as an LVN has worked in the health field and Hospice. She is our Herbalist, naturalist and spiritual advisor and a fantastic asset to our group.
Dianne Hawley, retired Choir instructor at Cooper High School. Her husband is Dr Bob Hawley (for 37 years). They have four children and two grandchildren. Her hobbies are quilting and reading. She grew up in a house filled with treasured antiques and sees this job as continuing education.   MARIA
Maria Garcia is our effervescence in this job. She is everywhere and no task too big for her!!! Maria and I became friends through Habitat for Humanity in 1994 and the friendship endures. . Her husband A J works for Animal Control and Maira has two adult children and two in Wylie Schools. Her hobbies are cooking and finding great bargains. She is a fast learner on the value of antiques.
The old saying “If you want something done, ask a busy person” certainly applies to my long time friend, Julie Hagin. She is the owner / Broker for the Abilene office of Keller Williams Realty, and goes non stop in her job. But what many don’t know, is the air Julie breathes has to be filled with antiques and beautiful collections. She graciously takes time from her duties as “Boss” to be one of my knowledgeable, hard working estate sales people. When its cold, she shows up with coffee and heaters for the outside workers. When it's hot, she brings fans and iced tea. She hauls, she sells, she promotes and makes friends wherever she goes. Julie is married to attorney Terry Hagin of the Whitten, Hacker, Hagin, Anderson, Allen and Self Law Firm. She is the Mother of two children and the grandmother of a little princess!   CYNTHIA
Cynthia Laster is a retired Kindergarten teacher from Long Elementary. ( that gives her the patience to work with this Estate Sale crew!) she and her husband Dennis spend a lot of time at their farm in Cisco, and they are forever jetting off to Australia to visit one of their 3 daughters and one of her two grandchildren her hobbies are reading, quilting and music.
Sun Gibson is a great addition to our staff where she is one of the smiling faces at check out. Sun is the Financial Manager of Day Nurseries of Abilene. Sun ,and her husband Mike ,have three children, Liana, their special daughter who is a gifted artist, Kelly, a recent graduate of UT and Luke , who is starting his senior year at Baylor. We all love Sun's bubbly , positive personality.   DIANE
Diane Morphew is a retired accountant (after 40 years) and works as one of our ticket writers. She loves seeing what people buy and relates a lot of it to the fine antiques she grew up with and now owns.
Diane is an active member of AAUW and the Mental Health Board and Heavenly Rest Episcopal Church.
MARIELA Mariela is one of our "runners" who is close at hand on sale days to unload shoppers' hands so they can keep shopping. She is a Sophomore at Wylie High School where she is in the band. Plays volleyball and is on the track team as a shot putter!  
Another of our runners, and a multi tasker is Hope. She fills in wherever needed on our sales and is a welcome addition to our staff. We dread graduation and losing her! Hope is a homeschool graduating senior finishing up dual credit art classes at ACU. She has frequented estate sales and garage sales with her mom time and again. She square dances, cooks, reads, and draws when she isn’t doing homework. Hope will be attending New Saint Andrews College in the fall.

Another of our “runners” who is always there to help shoppers empty their arms, Caleb is a homeschooled high school freshman. In his spare time he plays basketball, reads, works, and socializes with friends. He enjoys math and his history class Omnibus. Look for one of the biggest smiles and you will find help close at hand.