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1980-84 Design Consultant, Gibson Real Estate and Development, Roswell, NM

1984-85 Member, Residential Design Staff, Horseshoe Bay Interiors, Horseshoe Bay, TX

1985-86 Member, Design Staff, Design Center, San Antonio, TX; Residential and Commercial

1986-88 Member, Design Staff, Parkwood Interiors, San Antonio, TX; Residential and Commercial

1987-03 Owner, B J Naranjo Interiors

1989-present Owner, Antique & Almost, Abilene, TX

Professional Development

1989 Affiliation with International Society of Appraisers

• ISA Course “Professional Appraiser’s Practice”, Dallas, TX
• ISA Course “Personal Property Methodology and Reasoning” Dallas, TX
• ISA Course “ Personal Property Appraiser’s Fiduciary Responsibilities and Liabilities”, Dallas, TX

• ISA Conference with Seminars, Dallas, TX
• Seminar Advanced Report Writing
• ISA Course: Appreciable Residential Contents, Raleigh Durham, NC

1994 Designated as Specialist in Appreciable Residential Contents with advanced studies, specializing in 20th Century furnishings and decorative accessories.

1996 ISA Appraiser’s Conference with seminars, Houston, TX

1997 ISA Appraiser’s Conference with seminars, Washington, D.C.

2001 ISA Requalification, San Antonio, TX

2001-2014 Member North Texas Chapter ISA

• ISA Conference and Seminars, Philadelphia, Pa.
• ISA Requalification, Dallas, TX

• Audit ISA Core Courses for CAPP exam, Costa Mesa, CA
• Awarded CAPP Designation (Certified Appraiser of Personal Property)
• ISA Conference and Seminars, Chicago, IL

• ISA Conference and Seminars, Santa Fe, New Mexico
• Designation and Review Board, ISA

• ISA Conference and Seminars, Ft. Worth, Texas
• IRS Updates and Reviews, Ft. Worth, Texas
• Designation and Review Board, ISA
• USPAP Certified, Dallas, Texas October, 2007

• Study of Orientalia, 8 hr. course Ft. Worth, TX February
• ISA Conference and Seminars, Baltimore, Maryland

• ISA Conference and Seminars, Charleston, South Carolina
• ISA Antiques & Residential Contents Review Committee

• Assisted with rewriting “Handbook for Appraisers” on China, Porcelain and Ceramics for ISA; Edited “Handbook for Appraisers on Vintage Clothing”
• Requalification for CAPP Certification, Dallas, TX
• Seminars: American Furniture; Navajo Rugs and American Indian Artifacts; Photographs; How to Determine Value; Oriental Rugs; Dallas, TX

2011 ISA Conference, Nashville, TN

2012-14 ISA Membership Committee

• USPAP Re-qualification, AAA, Toronto, Ontario
• Requalification for CAPP Certification, Dallas, TX.

NTISA membership