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Selecting an accredited appraiser is essential if you are planning an estate sale. Market knowledge, obtained through research of your possessions is necessary. As a Certified Appraiser, my training is to find a completed sale, in a relevant market, of a like item to determine its value. By using completed sales information, an appraiser is able to determine if that item sold for $100 to $2,000.00! Research eliminates the guess work!

Families are not qualified to do estate sales. The biggest cloud over the families’ heads would be sentimentality and emotion among relatives! Your CPA, lawyer, or trust officer is not knowledgeable in the fluctuation of values and does not have the ability to conduct an accurately priced estate sale. Selecting an appraiser with CURRENT credentials, and up to date education, will garner you the best prices and the most efficiently run sale.

The professionalism associated with an estate sale conducted by Antique & Almost results in higher values. The sale doesn’t end with the sale! Some items will go to national auction houses where they will have a worldwide audience to obtain the highest values.

A regulated traffic pattern through a sale, clean merchandise artfully displayed and professionally priced is sold and managed by a team of uniformed professionals who work the sales for Antique & Almost. Each room has a sales person; valuables are sold only by ticket; we are responsible for checks and credit card approval and consigned items are listed and the house emptied with 5 working days. Crystal is washed, silver is polished, linens are clean and pressed as needed; furniture is polished and all is presented in the most desirable way.

Appraisals and sales are conducted anywhere in Texas. Many areas of Texas do not have Appraisers, therefore, travel is always an option.